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Until now I have been recording into the Zoom R8 with emulated outputs. Example: recording a distorted guitar into the zoom out of the Blackstar Amplifiers' emulated out, which I have hear from various sources that regarding emulated outputs its one of the best on the market or whatever. Recordings were satifying except for the volume, which after getting Pro Logic 9 was not a problem to increase. I believe some of the 'real sound' is lost in the process, but at the same time I want to capture the sound of my guitar with the amp I use and the settings(calibrations i use on it, b,m,t,od,etc.). I have a hunch using the Zoom as a audio interface into my mac with Pro Logic could result in more powerful and 'real' (as in similar to the true sound, that comes out of the amp), as I can't afford expensive mics and other set ups. Also my kind of music, I dont want to be too hi fi anyways for personal reasons. Anyway (sorry I dont get to the point fast enough, maybe noone will read to this point lol) I would appreciate some insight on how to do this. So far I connected everything (guitar into amp, amp into 8 track, 8 track into mac with pro logic, new project) On the zoom I choose audio interface reader or something and connect through USB, pro logic recognizes it ask me if I want to use the Zoom R8 interface, so i click yes. Nothing happens, i can play and hear from the zoom (headphones), but I dont know exactly what to select, click, and do after that on Pro to get it set up and well, hit the record button. So all I need to know is how to get that bit done, for now. Many might be against this emulated out into zoom etc thing, but it has actually worked out (for me) Thanks if your able to understand and respond to my question. -..

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P.S. personal experience, a link to a video showing exactly this, or just general insight is appreciated. Also I am new to Pro Logic and other things, and have no musician friends where I live. And the last thing I should mention or state again is I want to capture the sound from the amp, emulated should be fine as it has worked out but Im always searching for better, more powerful, so I do not want to resort to recording without going into the amp first.. Thanks.

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